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Oval Flow Meters – Company Review

By icenta Controls Ltd

12/14/2017 Celebrating our 11 year partnership with Oval Corporation
Oval flow metersOval flow metersThe OVAL Corporation of Japan is one of the leading manufacturers of precision and speciality flow meters. They have been a pioneer in the field of flow measurement and control for almost 50 years. This year marks the 11th anniversary of the iCenta Controls partnership with Oval.
Established in 1949 in Tokyo, Japan, Oval now has several factories and companies worldwide. It’s heavily vested in global issues, providing products for both Meteorological Control and Environmental Management alongside the flow meter industry. It achieved ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental issues, in 2006 and 2010; alongside a variety of humanitarian projects throughout Japan.
Their original product range centres around Gear Flow Technology, or positive displacement flow meters as they are also known. The name Oval stems from the oval shaped gears used in today’s flow meters, which were originally intended for use in automotive applications by Nissan. The patent for the technology was acquired by the founder of Oval and they were converted for use in flow measurement.
What is a Gear Flow Meter?This type of meter measures volume by passing fluid through a system of oval gears, the volume of the spaces between gears is a known quantity, therefore counting the number of gear rotations gives a measurement of volume.
Oval Gear FlowThe simplicity of this technology is one of the main reasons for its longevity and popularity as there are less moving parts to break or need replacing. It is primarily for use with higher-viscosity fluids, such as the flow metering of oils, syrups and fuels. Liquids of a lesser viscosity can be subject to fluid slippage, giving a less accurate measurement.
What is a Positive Displacement flow meter?Oval Flowpet 5G Flow MeterThe Flowpet 5G is an example of one of Oval’s newer positive displacement flow meters, mainly intended for measurement of oil and water fed to a boiler. User friendly and durable the Flowpet 5G is an inexpensive yet highly accurate meter that allows both instantaneous and total flow to be monitored in the field.
Oval also produces a range of different flow meters to include Vortex, Turbine, Thermal mass, Low Flow Meters and a wide range of Coriolis meters to name but a few.

What is a Coriolis Meter?Oval Altimass Coriolis metersOval Altimass Coriolis metersNamed after the Coriolis effect, these meters work by measuring the mass flow rate and density of a fluid flowing through a pair of tubes. By inducing a vibration in the tube which the fluid passes through, the flow tubes twist in proportion to the mass flow rate of the process fluid. This is then detected by electromagnetic pick-offs and translated into a mass flow signal.
The ALTImass range of Coriolis flow meters are a state of the art technology developed by Oval, divided into three main types: Type U, B and S. They cover vast array of applications, offering a high level of performance and accuracy.
Oval Corporation represents a company who invests continuously into their product ranges so they are at the forefront of technology with special emphasis on energy saving and environmentally sound practices. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them for many years to come and eagerly anticipate their latest cutting edge advances in the world of flow measurement and control.
iCenta are proud to be celebrating 11 years of collaborative working and partnership.

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