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Make Money With Your Unused Parking Space With Bellrooms Ltd

By Rent My Space

Bellrooms Ltd encourages UK based property owners, who want to put their unused parking spaces to good use, to sign up on their website, Here, they can advertise their vacancy and easily locate interested renters. The best part is, this service is 100% free of charge.

Bellrooms Ltd understands the increased demand for parking spaces in large cities and densely populated areas in the UK. However, not everyone has enough space to accommodate their vehicles. According to the company, “You may not use your parking space all the time. It’s a great way to earn some extra money, but at the same time help others that need it. Parking is notoriously an issue for many, but doesn’t need to be”.

At Bellrooms Ltd, advertising for your unused parking space is very easy, efficient, and of course, free. All interested landlords and tenants must first create an account through their website. Provide a unique username, password, email address, and confirm identity as a private or business landlord to complete this initial step.

To increase the chances of finding tenants fast, providing high-quality photographs, comprehensive descriptions, and as much information as possible are just some of the things property owners can do. To assist them in this task, Bellrooms Ltd features all the live advertisements on their website. These do not only function as references for people looking for spaces to rent but also serves as a guide for first-time landlords.

There are plenty of advantages in advertising unused parking spaces for property owners. One of these is the fact that they have full control over who they want to rent out their space with. Bellrooms Ltd gives them the option of identifying their tenant preferences in terms of gender or occupation.

Bellrooms Ltd has helped plenty of landlords and tenants close rental deals. Here is one testimonial from one of their users who is now a happy customer of Mel’s Parking Space: “I was lucky enough to get the job I’ve always wanted in the city. But parking began to make my daily commute a nightmare. Now I rent a driveway just 5 minutes walk from where I work. I no longer feel stressed in the mornings but look forward to my job”.

To make money from your unused parking space today, log on to

About Bellrooms Ltd
Bellrooms Ltd is the go-to company for anyone who would want to make the most of the spaces they have in their properties by renting them out. This listing website offers free and convenient service for all. They accommodate space advertisements of bedrooms, offices, conference areas, event venues, storages, parking lots, and many more. To get in touch with this company, send them an email to or talk to one of their representatives via 01483 698 677. For more information, visit their official website,

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