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Flyaway Services Available At Over Exposed

By Over Exposed

Over Exposed (, one of the leading providers of broadcasting equipment for hire, is proud to inform everyone about their flyaway services.

Over Exposed offers flyaway and PPU services that are suitable for outside broadcast and live streaming events. This service is commonly used when the venue has no enough parking space or is too small for full OB trucks. Over Exposed effectively split their units into flight cases so that they can be placed in such venues.

Despite its modular form, Over Exposed assures everyone that this can provide the same quality of output as a full OB truck. Their flyaway systems are equipped with racked cinematic cameras which are suitable for covering various events. Among the camera brands they are using are Sony F5 and Arri Amira. Over Exposed can provide multi-camera acquisition for 2-16 cameras as well as live broadcast or line cut.

The flyaway systems offered by Over Exposed also come with their custom EDL creation hardware. It is used to sync the time code of recordings to instantly rebuild the live directors cut in editing software from the individual ISO recording of each camera. It can also be used to produce an HD broadcast spec output for live transmissions and acquire a 4K Log version for later editing, archive, and colour grading.

The customer EDL creation hardware provided by Over Exposed has made the broadcasting events of their clients a lot smoother. According to them, �Our clients have found this to be massively useful is speeding up post production of events, allowing quick tweaks of the live cut and conforming the show to the correct length without noticeable edits�.

The people at Over Exposed are all tech gurus and experts when it comes to flyaway system design and facilities provision. Throughout the years, they have worked with a lot of events using this service, such as awards shows and indoor sporting events. For the convenience of their customers, Over Exposed also offers 24/7 technical support and a pick-up or drop-off service across the country.

To see their complete list of services and available equipment for rent, log on to their website at

About Over Exposed

Over Exposed is a company that offers production and filming solutions throughout the United Kingdom. They provide high-quality rental equipment for outside broadcast and live streaming events. Their team consists of the country�s best producers, directors, and camera operators who are highly knowledgeable in this particular industry. If you are interested in availing of their services, there are various ways to get in touch with them. You can talk to one of their representatives by calling 0208 226 4073. Alternatively, you can send your written questions and comments to their email address, For more information, visit their official website at

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Over Exposed

Over Exposed is a broadcast and video production solutions specialist based in London, United Kingdom. They have outside broadcast trucks which cater to various types of video productions such as live event filming and big screen productions. This production facility also provides webcasting service…

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