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Discover The Different Burial Choices Offered By Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services

By Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services

06/20/2017 Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services ( wants their clients to receive reliable assistance when it comes to arranging funerals. This is the reason why this funeral home is now offering different kinds of burial that clients can choose from.

Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services is offering Traditional Funeral Burial, the oldest form of a funeral in the United Kingdom. Through this kind of burial, the family can have a lasting memorial place of their loved one that they can tend and visit. The funeral directors from Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services make sure that the rules implemented by each cemetery and churchyard are followed well.

Another burial option they are offering is the Woodland Funeral Burial. In this kind of burial, a tree is placed on top of the grave instead of a tombstone. To ensure that the environment will not be harmed in this kind of burial, Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services uses biodegradable non-rainforest coffins or simple shrouds.

Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services is also able to accommodate people of different beliefs. They are working with all pastors, vicars, and priests in Suffolk for religious funeral burials. Furthermore, they have a vast network of the finest ministers and celebrants for non-religious funeral burials.

Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services assures everyone that they do not need to spend a large amount of money just to achieve a reliable funeral service. According to them, Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services have established our reputation as outstanding funeral directors in Ipswich & Bury St Edmunds by providing personal, sensitive and caring funeral services – but ensuring we can do so at an affordable cost”.

Aside from the burial choices mentioned here, Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services can also provide flowers, a chapel for the wake, cremation services, coffins, as well as funeral transport services. In addition to this, they likewise cater to clients who are intending to avail of repatriation services. Indeed, this funeral home has a lot more valuable services to offer. To learn more about Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services and their huge range of offerings, visit their website at

About Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services
Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services is a family-run business that specialises in providing various funeral services suit to any requirement or budget there is. Their team are experienced when it comes to properly arranging funeral rites to help their clients celebrate life and understand death. Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services is also known to provide exceptional funeral transport and flower arrangement services, among others. If you want to know more about services offered by this company, there are a lot of ways to get in touch with them. For your comments and enquiries, you can send a message to their email address, To speak with someone directly, please call 01473 747 999. Alternatively, you can simply fill out the contact form on their website,

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