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Encanto Jewellery Helps Customers Remember Their Loved Ones

By Encanto Jewellery

The idea behind the unique Encanto Jewellery collection ( was born after a bereavement in the family that established the business. They were looking for a special and touching way for people to remember their loved ones after a death. Mourning jewellery has a long and distinguished history, dating back at least to the 15th century in Europe, when enamelled representations of heads or skulls were incorporated into brooches and rings.

But it was in Victorian times that remembering a loved one through wearing commemorative jewellery became more widespread. Distraught at the sudden death of her beloved husband Albert in 1861, Queen Victoria plunged herself into a mourning period that would last the rest of her life. She ordered her court to dress only in black for over the following three years, while she herself never wore any other colour until her own death in 1901. She also popularised jewellery such as lockets that commemorated the deceased. At the same time, trends in public health were changing. Previously frowned upon by the Christian and Catholic churches, there was increased tolerance for the practice of cremation. In some quarters, it was actually promoted as a means of preventing the spread of disease, which was rife in the unsanitary conditions of the Victorian era. People had long since worn jewellery to remind them of the transitory nature of life. Now, increasingly, jewellery was seen as a way to memorialise family members and friends, allowing individuals to keep a small part of their loved one with them at all times.

Today’s contemporary memorial jewellery is perhaps less ostentatious in style, but is no less touching. Encanto Jewellery is able to supply handmade charms encapsulating your loved one’s ashes, so that you can remember them with love and affection and keep them close to your heart. The collection includes the beautiful yet tasteful ashes and moon memorial pendant, which features a sparkling moon charm with an ashes memorial charm nestled within a sterling silver locket. The locket itself can be plain smooth silver or embellished with tiny Swarovski crystals. Alternatively, the ashes memorial charm can be combined in your choice of locket with other charms representing the life and interests of the deceased.

For full details of this perfect way to preserve your loved one’s memory, view the Encanto Jewellery website today.

About Encanto Jewellery:

Encanto Jewellery is a family owned and run business which focuses on the highest levels of craftsmanship and customer service. It offers its clients the opportunity to commemorate and mark significant occasions in the lives of their nearest and dearest by creating bespoke pieces of jewellery that are destined to become lifelong keepsakes. All jewellery, including the memorial collection, is crafted in genuine, hallmarked sterling silver, with some items featuring crystals from Swarovski, renowned worldwide for their quality and sparkle. Details of the collections, payment plan and shipping options are available at, or for customers in Ireland.

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Encanto Jewellery

Encanto Jewellery

Encanto Jewellery is a family run business created following the death of a family member. They specialise in designing craftsmanship made sterling silver charm lockets and jewellery. Their products are manufactured from the sterling silver and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Customers can bui…

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