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What is a Garden Office?

By Cedar Garden Rooms

What is a Garden Office?

04/12/2018 Ever wanted to have a private space to call your own – but not too far from home? To express your talents in art, poetry or singing? Or even just a place to get your work done? How about investing in a garden office! You may look at your shed in envy, as a similar build could really make the difference between working and succeeding. Take a look at how they are made and how they can benefit your creative mind!

Garden Offices - The Definition

Garden offices take the format of what is known as a garden room, which is, in layman's terms, a functional shed. Constructed using high quality materials, a garden room has all the amenities of a room you'd expect to find in a home.

Garden Offices - The Benefits

If you're of the creative or artistic mind, a garden office is the perfect commute to express yourself. Take away the frustration of public transport or rush-hour traffic by walking down the path to your desk. From there, you have the peace and quiet required in order to thrive in your field of work.
Occupations that can benefit from a garden office the most include photographers, writers, architects and even eBay retailers! Sell and make your products in tranquillity, and watch your business thrive!

How Are They Made?

If you're a DIY enthusiast, you can get the ball rolling pretty seamlessly. First, lay the foundations of your office. Typically, these would be concrete. Then you can apply the vertical timber frame, giving your roof the strongest support. This roof would then be cladded to protect your office from the British weather. Contact Summer house builders for more!
Install some draught-sealed doors and then customise your timber to your design taste! There you have it, a fully functioning office space! You can achieve a good thermal heating element by installing insulation and including some heaters.

Garden Buildings Yorkshire - Need Some Help?

Taking on a DIY project can be time consuming and could really test the waters of your relationship – especially if you have children to take care of. Rather than bickering about who will play project manager, why not recruit some expert assistance to help bring your vision to life?

Here at Cedar Garden Rooms, we have all the tools and knowhow required to successfully complete any job you throw at us. Simply give us an idea of what you're looking to achieve and let us do the rest! To get in touch with us, simply give us a ring on 01924 820 555.

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